When you wake up in the morning with you head on fire and your eyes too bloody to see, you can cry in your coffee but don't come bitching to BadJupiter.

Everyone needs
a personal assistant.

BadJupiter is your personalized assistant that helps you remember, share, and discover all the things you want to do.

Whether you spend your free time at dog parks, playgrounds, swimming pools or new restaurants, BadJupiter never forgets your best discoveries and insights. And he he provides great suggestions because he talks to groups of folks with similar interests and expertise. Just tell him what you want to do and let him get to know you.

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Your insights are your own

Tell BadJupiter the stuff you want to remember. Let him help you curate your world.

Like any great assistant, BadJupiter can be entirely trusted with your information. If you don't want something shared, just tell him it's private. Nonsensitive information may be shared anonymously with like-minded people, since great minds think alike, after all.

Advertisers are not welcome

BadJupiter's recommendations come from insights that users like you have shared on the subjects they know and care most about. It is the users who produce and consume the best ideas and insights; BadJupiter's role is to find patterns and similarities among these users as he gets to know each one.

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