Just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints, as heads is tails just call him BadJupiter 'cause he's in need of some restraint.

What are you into?

How do you remember and share your best discoveries?

That swimming hole in Austin. The hotel in Denver that's supposed to be haunted. BadJupiter is an intelligent conversational assistant that helps you remember those places to go and things to do in the moment, when you discover them. Just text him, or share a place from a map, just like you would an assistant or friend.
He also helps you share your insights with others who have similar interests, either directly or through special interest groups that you can create.

Want to get started? Right now, we're letting a handful of pilot users kick the tires to make sure we get everything right. But stay tuned -- we'll be opening the floodgates soon!

Your insights are your own

Share the stuff you want to remember with BadJupiter. He'll help you curate your world.

Like any great assistant, BadJupiter can be entirely trusted with your information. If you don't want something shared, just tell him it's private. Nonsensitive information may be shared anonymously with like-minded people, since great minds think alike, after all.

Advertisers are not welcome

BadJupiter learns from insights that users share with him on the subjects they know and care most about. He does not traffic in anonymous, unqualified heresay. It is the users who produce and consume the best ideas and insights; BadJupiter's role is to recall the best info you forgot you knew, and to connect you with like-minded folks who have interesting discoveries to share with you.

We'd love to hear from you.

Have questions? Ideas? Want to join our team? Holler at us.