Discover and share experiences

BadJupiter is your constant companion for remembering your discoveries and finding stuff that’s just right for you -- based on interests and trust, not ads. All it takes is a mobile number to get started.

BadJupiter is always just a simple text away to help you remember, share, and discover right in the moment. Capture and collaborate on the best activities right when things are happening. Find insights from people and sources you trust. Explore your world!

Designed for you

BadJupiter was designed with users in mind. Unlike so much of content discovery today, which is driven by ad sales and results in a terrible experience for users, BadJupiter connects people and insights based on trust and shared interests.


Some of us like to venture out and make our own discoveries. For us, BadJupiter is an always-available sidekick for remembering and organizing our discoveries and insights right in the moment.


Planning an adventure with friends? Or even just collaborating around things like after-school activities for kids, or best places to run and swim? BadJupiter Collections can be collaborative, so that everyone contributes to a live list-map of places and insights.

For businesses

BadJupiter connects users with insights and experiences that are most relevant and interesting, and when the time is right. This creates a great opportunity for businesses to connect with audiences who are finding them for the right reasons and at the right time.

Whether you’re a food and lifestyle blogger or a soccer mom or dad coordinating tournaments and trips, BadJupiter is the best mobile-first channel for getting your content in the pockets of your followers and friends when they’re out doing stuff and need it most.
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Restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, and all the other lifestyle-focused retail businesses out there can finally stop throwing ad dollars into the Yelp and Google black holes and instead focus on winning new customers by creating targeted deals and offers for the people who are finding them based on genuine interest.
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Pub-crawlers, tour operators, festivals, and vacation rentals are all about giving customers an experience that’s bigger than just one location. Creating and managing Collections highlighting venues with highlights gives customers a better in-the-moment experience and something they keep with them after the event to share with friends and increase engagement
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