Start Quick

I'm here to help anytime you want to capture or recall a place or activity. Here's my contact info. Add me to your address book, and just text whenever you need me.

Capture Places and Insights

I can remember your best discoveries for you so they're never lost or forgotten. Just tell me to remember a place by name, or share with me from a Google or Apple map. I'll create a special Card for you and keep it updated with current and relevant info.

In the example above, clicking on the Barton Springs Municipal Pool link will open the Place Card so that you can add or update insights, see a map, etc.

How Cards Work

Cards stack on top of each other, and can be dismissed by dragging down off the screen from the title bar area. Here's a link to your Home Card. Save it as an icon on your phone so you can always get to it quick. Your Home Card is at the bottom of every stack of Cards, and it gives you quick shortcuts to your Collections, Contacts, Profile info, and recent activity.

You can tap on the help link below any Card to pop up some tips and tricks. Tap it again to dismiss.

Creating Collections

Collections are special user-owned lists of Places, typically organized around a theme or event. Collections can be private, shared, followed, and even collaborative.

Add Place Cards to Collections by tapping "Collect" on the icon bar. That will pop up your Collections List where you can select one or more Collections or even create a new one on the fly. (Favorites and Wish List are special Collections you can add a Place to with a single Tap.)

When you share a Collection with a contact, you can optionally invite that contact to contribute. Get some friends together and plan an adventure!

The thing to remember is this: Places are added to Collections, not the other way around. Find a Place, then add it to a Collection.

Recall and Discover

I never forget things you ask me to remember, and to ask me to recall all you have to do is text!

Whenever I can, I'll try to suggest things I think might be particularly relevant or interesting to you based on what I know about your interests. So even though you might have only told me about Lazarus for tacos, if someone with similar taco knowledge has told me about Quickie Pickie, for instance, I'll pass that along (as long as it's not a secret).