IRONMAN Tulsa – reserve your space at Lefty’s on Greenwood

NON-ATHLETES! Watching the race will be trickier this year with COVID precautions. Lefty’s on Greenwood is right downtown 2 blocks from T2 and on the marathon course. Look out for some of the BadJupiter team on the day as we have some giveaways too. Click the link and tap the yellow button to purchase. Limited availability.

IRONMAN Tulsa spectators space at Elgin Park

For any of your IRONMAN Tulsa sherpas, cheer squad, support crew looking for a place to be on race day, Elgin Park are offering reserved seats for the afternoon or evening (or both).  It’s close to T2 for you coming in off the bike and the start of the run course and close to the […]

IRONMAN Tulsa 2021

IRONMAN Tulsa 2021

IRONMAN is coming to Tulsa on May 23rd and we are working with a number of local businesses to provide a great experience for all the fans — starting with this mobile collection of spots to know about. There are deals and there will be more, and we’ll post them here as they become available. […]

SXSW 2020

#StandWithAustin It was just a week ago that SXSW was cancelled. Seems like a lot longer now, but it is what it is…so we either can spend our time sprinting through warehouse stores and fighting normally well-adjusted adults for toilet paper, or we can get busy living.  We at BadJupiter made our home here in […]

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