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By May 1, 2020No Comments

The BadJupiter team are geographically diverse. Although our head office is in Austin, TX, we have team members in San Francisco, Tulsa, Chicago, Portland and even in Hertfordshire, UK.

Each member of the team has created a collection of their local area in BadJupiter – with details of their favourite places to order from in these uncertain times.

Here are ours, why not create yours and share with your friends?

Austin, TX by Sam:

Here’s a constantly-evolving Collection of my go-to places for take out during this shelter strangeness. If there are unifying themes, they are great take-out dinners for hungry six-year-olds and quick lunch options on the east side. Heavy focus, obviously, on the Austin staples: tacos, pizza, tacos, burgers, grilled and barbecued stuff, tacos, and margaritas.

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Bucktown Wicker Park, Chicago, IL by Tricia:

My Collection is a combination of my long loved (and relied on) take out and delivery spots, plus nearby places we would be regularly going now if we could. Trying to include them all in my at home rotation, so that they are there for me on the other side of “stay at home”. These are not the few time a year places, but the ones that make the neighborhood. The ones you see all the time and are as good on Tuesdays as Saturdays. If the list seem pizza heavy – remember this is Chicago! You need a deep dish, tavern style and wood-fired in your roster! Special mention for Olivia’s Market for cook at home nights and supplies!

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Portland, OR by Bryan:

These are the sort of restaurants that make Portland an amazing place to live. It’s a mixed bag of breakfast, comfort food, pizza, Thai, Hawaiian, Mexican and “hydration”. Each is a longtime favorite, either since I showed up here or since they did.  Online ordering, improvised drive-throughs, contactless pick-up and delivery are the new normal…talk about ‘adapt and overcome’.  Each one has rallied to make sure they keep bringing us their best. So here’s to hoping they all survive and thrive, and for doing what we can to help make that happen.

It’s my daughter’s birthday today (Friday 5/1) and her fave is Hawaiian Time…so if you’re there around 7pm, maybe we’ll see you in the drive-through line.

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San Francisco, CA by Deva:

I decided to call my collection SF lockdown libations. It basically contains my favorite places to get great beer and cocktails at the moment. Enjoy!

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Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire UK by Paul:

The small village of Brookmans Park consists of only a handful of merchants, however, they are all doing their best to support community during these strange and different times. From local restaurants like the Raj, Bengal Paradise and China Red, opening at the weekends for great take-away & delivery Indian and Chinese food (order early as all their kitchens are staffed to meet social distancing rules and therefore they are limited in volume), to our local shops that are changing the way they work and taking orders over the phone to pickup like the Brookmans Bakery (they’ll also deliver to those at risk or unable to get into the village) and Tealicious (check out the afternoon tea you can have delivered to your door).

The other shops such as the Brookmans Family Butchers continues to offer a fantastic selection of meats and other locally sourced products such as eggs and cheese and operate a socially responsible 1-in-1-out approach. The COOP are keeping stocked with many of the main staples a home requires and limiting the number of people in the shop. And for just about anything else there is Bryan’s, who’s Aladdin’s cave of homeware products can be purchased from table by the door.

Check out the collection for a full run down of all our local businesses supporting us and needing our support.

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So, if you’ve been inspired by our collections, why not build yours? Go to on your mobile device to get started!